OMG Dessert Goals


On a hot June day in DTLA, those who love desserts came together in a trance of all things confection. We attended the festival, held at Cooper Design Space on South Los Angeles Street, during press scooping hour prior to general admission. We have to say... it was a unique moment in time...

All social media and camera packing peeps were running from booth to booth trying to get "the shot", which really didn't allow much time to enjoy the delectable snacks. We could only take a photograph, a bite and toss it before moving on to the next vendor! A travesty to the tastemakers who were creating a sugar buzz for the day. However, every sweet treat was amazing and there were plenty that we "just had to finish!"

By the end of the hour our flavor-washed taste buds were exhausted from the immense commotion.  They also had a few questions for founders Liang Shi and Miraya Berke . . .


Q. Why Dessert?

A. Liang: Because dessert is always a good idea!


Q. Please explain the vision behind creating Dessert Goals.

A. Liang: Dessert Goals is a day of celebration, indulgence, and nostalgia. We wanted to create a fun-filled event that made you feel like a little kid again.


Q. Favorite dessert to pair with a special meal?

A. Liang: Panna Cotta is SO good and SO easy to make! And it goes well at the end of basically any meal.


Q. From New York to DTLA, why make the journey?

A. Miraya: I knew I was going to be moving to LA in April so I decided, why not throw a festival in Los Angeles. From what we had seen on Instagram there were just as many unique and beautiful dessert vendors in LA as there were in NY.


Q. How'd the Downtown Los Angeles festival go? Should we expect a sequel?

A. Miraya: It was so sweet! We had 1800 attendees in one day, our vendors had great things to say about the experience, so many stunning photos are on Instagram. We definitely plan to be back next summer.


Q. Best vendor you've tasted thus far?

A. Miraya: Wow, so hard to pick just one! One of my favorites would be, Boqueria in NYC made a churro s'more at our last festival with hot crispy churros, melted marshmallow and chocolate inside. It was out of this world.


Q. America is in the middle of an obesity crisis, should we still celebrate sugar...

A. Miraya: I think there are more healthy desserts than ever before and we try to incorporate vegan and gluten free options at our festivals as well. We also believe in moderation, so Dessert Goals is the ultimate cheat day, but then the next day you can go to the gym and juice cleanse.


Q. Peering into the future–– where's OMG Dessert Goals in 10 years?

A. Miraya: We're taking it one step at a time right now but we hope to continue our festivals, expand to new cities, host smaller events and collaborate with partners in unique and memorable ways.


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