Sleepless DTLA


If you don’t know who Dorothy Chandler is or why there’s a Pavilion named after her... let us drop some history.

Mrs. Chandler is part of a magnificent class of women who helped establish the arts here in Los Angeles. It was her pioneering vision that saw the creation of the Music Center, giving our beloved city a home for the performing arts. She was a pretty fine lady and we all owe her a debt of gratitude.

Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours is truly a one of a kind experience. This ongoing series is in essence an open house– allowing generations of art lovers to encounter the Music Center’s famed venues in new and exciting ways. It's tantamount to a slumber party in your ethereal dreamscape. Yeah.

“Every Sleepless completely sells out,” says Lisa Ducore, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, “and the surprise of the event is that people of all ages are attending– not just the youth which was our initial focus.”

The general program, which is usually held at the Dorothy Chandler or Walt Disney Concert Hall, is a mix of DJ's, live performances and experimental artists spread throughout various locations. In addition, you might find rooms featuring lightscapes, dance floors, exhibitions or a telephone booth that's directly connected to a concert happening in an undisclosed location. BTW, this article will self destruct in 10 seconds (lol).

Every Sleepless is a little different. So, prepare to be astounded when you walk through those fancy doors.

Backstage tours have also become a popular part of the event because Sleepless is the only time the public is allowed to take a peek behind the curtain. The creativity doesn’t cease & desist the moment you step foot backstage either. On one such night, artist Carol Kim created ghostly soundscapes and imagery with a cast of performers turning the once basic dressing rooms into an asylum for the vocally trained.

Truly, this full musical immersion sets a vibe of “chill,” because chillin’ is the big theme of Sleepless. It’s perfectly acceptable to fall asleep, cuddle, or perform experimental yoga on the scattered beanbags and mattresses you’ll find laid out. We've witnessed a young group pretend to be roly polies just like those good ol' days of yore. At Grandma Chandler’s house, kids can be kids, adults can be kids, and peace befalls these generations that generally feel a little overwhelmed by the state of the world.

We asked Lisa, “What do you think Mrs. Chandler would've thought of Sleepless?”

“She’d love it,” she confidently confessed. “Her mission was to establish the arts in Los Angeles for the benefit of all Angelenos. Sleepless is really just a continuation of her original vision.”